Six Flying Dragons (육룡이 나르샤)

nice fan video by EmêRâLD.K-MV+


So sad that this drama is over.  50 episodes and it felt short.  Top 3 favorite characters were:

  1. Kil Taemi: so flamboyant, so badass, and actually has a good realistic mind
  2. Muhyul: loved him in Tree with Deep Roots, and his younger version was just as great… 무사~ 무휼!!!
  3. Cho Young (only because I found her to be the prettiest – so pretty)


This drama probably easily makes my top 10, which I think is the list below (not ranked and may have forgotten other shows):

  • Tree with Deep Roots
  • Queen Sunduk
  • Six Flying Dragons
  • City Hunter
  • Queen Inhyun
  • Bridal Mask
  • Splash! Splash! Love
  • Misaeng
  • Answer Me 1997
  • I hear your voice

I highly recommend this Sageuk, even if Sageuk isn’t your thing!


Black Desert Online Launch Date


My ranger that I created already.
My ranger that I created using BDO’s character creator software.

Oh sick… some BDO news popped up.  Been playing Blade & Soul / Path of Exile while I wait for Black Desert Online.

You can register for the 2nd closed beta here.  It will start on February 18th (don’t know end date of CBT2).

Even bigger news – Black Desert Online will go LIVE on March the 3rd!


check out the lame BDO trailer…  This trailer is terrible – thankfully the game is much better than what this trailer is showing.


Gurren Lagann

I am not a fan of the sci-fi/mech/robotic genre.  However, Gurren Lagann proved to be an exception and I enjoyed it very much due to it’s pacing and the characters.


Kamina & Simon are two human beings who live underground in a village named Giha village.  Kamina dreams of digging his way out from underground to explore the world above.  Simon is his best friend and “bro” who happens to be a prodigy in digging.  One day, a robotic Gunmen and a sexy human girl crashes from the outside world above and into Giha village.  At the same time, Simon discovers a Core Drill (drill shaped key) and a sleeping Gunmen.  With his new found mech – Simon, Kamina, and the sexy human girl (Yoko Littner) defeat the robotic Gunmen.  Kamina and Simon are also able to escape their underground village to witness the outside world and the open sky.

The Gunmen are robots that beastmen have been using to keep humans underground.  Kamina slowly starts gathering other humans and leads team Dai-Gurren into a fight against the beastmen in order to free the entire human race from having to live underground.  A battle between the human race and the Beastmen… proves to be just the beginning of an even larger dynamic.

Character (Kamina)

My two favorite characters are Kamina and Yoko.  Kamina is a badass who is somewhat reckless, but so passionate and confident.  He becomes the leader of team Dai-Gurren and proves to be a worthy leader.  His badassery has everyone looking up to him.  Simon views Kamina as his older “bro” and admires him a lot.  I just love his recklessness, his passion, and lack of fear.  He truly believes and trusts in Simon, his “bro” from Giha village.  A great leader who is able to inspire those around him.

Character (Yoko Littner)

My favorite female anime character is Asuna from Sword Art Online (did not watch season 2).  However, Yoko is sexy… sexy… so sexy.  Yoko, will you have my pixelated babies, please?  Yoko Littner is the sniper for team Dai-Gurren.  She is not one to just sit back and let the men have all the action – proving herself to be very resourceful and clutch.  However… kiss her at your own risk.


Even though I am not a fan of the mech/robots/sci-fi genre, I felt that Gurren Lagann did not make it the focal point of the anime – therefore I was able to enjoy the anime.  There are a lot of humorous moments, fast casual pacing, and lots of action.  Loved the characters: Kamina & Yoko.  Definitely would recommend.

Splash Splash Love (퐁당퐁당 Love)

김슬기 (12)

This has to be one of the most cutest Korean drama I’ve ever watched.  Splash Splash Love is a 2 episode Korean drama (1 hour each) about a modern (year 2015) high school girl, named Dan Bi (played by Kim Seulgi), who magically teleports into the past – specifically to the early-1400s of the Joseon Era of Korea.  There she meets Lee Do, aka the future King Sejong the Great (played by Yoon Doo-Joon), and the two of them eventually fall in love with each other.

김슬기 (10)

The chemistry between Kim Seulgi (김슬기) and Yoon Doo-Joon (윤두준) was really great.  I’ve always loved Kim Seulgi’s acting so I wasn’t worried about her and Yoon Doo-Joon definitely has improved since I’ve last seen him act; I applaud them both for bringing the funny, the romance, and emotion to the show.  I really recommend Splash Splash Love – it is short, yet filled with so much cute romance, funny lines, and heart-tugging emotions.

Also, I love Kim Seulgi.  She’s not the prettiest around, but she is one of my favorite actresses.  She’s so adorable and cute, yet seems sad and quiet deep inside – despite being known as the “cursing girl” on SNL Korea or for playing comedic roles in dramas.  Per wiki, it says she became an actress to overcome a broken heart – so that adds to the sad aura I sense around her.  Makes me want to give her a hug…

Kim Seulgi is also a great singer – having acted in musicals too.  Below are some clips of her singing.

From start to finish, Splash Splash Love was great and jam-packed with sadness, happiness, and funny.  I really recommend this adorably cute drama.

Black Desert Online First Impressions

I was able to get into the closed beta for BDO (lasts only a week). Here are my first impressions based on only 2~3 hours of gameplay (level 9~10).

Right off the bat, BDO already looked great. My computer has to run it on LOW specs, but still the game looked immersive and great. The loading music felt epic and really got my heart pumping.

Character customization

The character customization was really complex on facial features. However, the hair options felt a little lacking (even though there were options to change a bunch of features). Going back to the facial feature, the options provided were pretty crazy. When I play games, I tend to spend a lot of time on character customization, but this was too crazy (in a good way) even for me! I hope they add more hair features, though.

The body feature was okay. I do like the fact that the female body feels a little bit more “thick” instead of being stick skinny. I loved the voice feature because unlike most of the more recent games, BDO has a scale for you to choose your voice. Blade and Soul, for example, had 5 choices and you could only choose from those 5. With the scale system, I felt like I could choose more freely.

There was a constellation option during character customization, too. I don’t know what it is for, but it added more “character” and depth to my toon. Each constellation had a personality trait attached to it… for example one of them might be: “nice, gentle, cautious, and wealthy” (just an example I made up).


The UI was very overwhelming at the start. There is a lot of information to digest, but most mmorpgs will feel this way. I like the fact that you can reorganize the UI to your liking.


Jumping felt a little odd. I would go up lightly and then fall to the ground like I weighed over 9000lbs. Probably just needs some getting used to. Actual movement felt fine and pretty natural. Don’t have any real issues with it.

Combat felt great. I was expecting vindictus type combat, but so far, it did not feel the same – not sure why. Camera movement was fps style, there is a dodge button, and the combat felt pretty actiony. I lowered the camera shake features (though not all the way down). The impact camera feature definitely made me feel like I was hitting hard.

I’ve heard this game has a lot of grinding, but the combat seems like it would lessen the “grind”. It was very enjoyable, but also very complex. In fact, the buttons seem a bit overwhelming and complex. The combination of keys to pull off moves were like “whoa~”. Movement is the typical W, A, S, D… but some skills would require a S+E or S+R. Then there’s the shift modifier to add more moves (shift+A+left mbutton, etc). I do like that it is not mindless combat.


Questing was okay. The beginning few quests were actually annoying because this little black orb thingy kept bothering me to give me rewards and quests. Felt like I was visiting him too frequently because he would give me quests like “kill TWO beatles”. TWO?! At least give me more kill counts to test my skills or something…

I can totally see myself leveling up gathering and fishing. Already, I’ve been “skinning” animals after I kill them and it felt very soothing to do so. I haven’t done much else here, but really looking forward to fishing… I love fishing in mmorpgs…

First impressions are very positive. Combat was fun, and there seems to be lots of immersion, things to do, etc… I know the biggest issue in BDO is end-game… I hope they add more PvE features and other PvP options.

The night cycle was cool, because during night… it really was hard to see. Little things like this made the world very immersive and felt so awesome. I can’t wait to see what rain will be like.

So far, so good – but I do realize this is the “honeymoon phase” and I do have concerns for later.

Tree of Savior CBT2 review

Tree of Savior was one of the games that I’ve been looking forward to playing.  I got to play in the 2nd closed beta.  Unfortunately, the game has been a huge disappoint for me.  Please note that this is a BETA and I also only got up to the 70s (max was 200-ish).  Here are my thoughts.


I got to try out all 4 starting jobs: the Swordsman, Wizard, Archer, and Cleric.  I really like the job advancement system.  In Tree of Savior, you had two separate experience bars.  One for character level (you get to allocate attribute points when you level) and one for class level (you get to allocate skill points when you level).  Every 15 class level, you get to choose to stay as your current “job” but upgrade to a higher tier, or you could choose to branch off into a different class from the list that was provided.  It was very interesting and reminded me of maplestory.

Out of the 4 starting jobs, I enjoyed the Wizard the most.  In fact, I made two wizards.  One advanced to become a pyromancer and the other advanced to become a cryomancer.

Check out the ToS class simulator HERE to see how the job advancement system works.


Combat was a bit underwhelming because it seemed as if the game focused on normal auto attacks and based on a recent survey I filled out for Tree of Savior, this seems intentional.  I wanted to spam my skills more but due to SP issues, it was too hard to do so.  I had to buy lots of SP pots, but even then, lack of SP would force me to normal attack or afk to rest.  Swordsman seemed to have an advantage in combat because their auto attack hit harder than the other classes (my own observation).  I had no issues with my skills when I got to use them… I just wish I could use them more than auto attacks…

I also played the game using my keyboard only.  You can play with the mouse or a game controller, but I just chose to play with the keyboard only.  I did not experience any real difficulty on any of the classes using the keyboard.


The game felt insanely linear.  I’m quite sure every single player in beta went down the same path – because we didn’t have any options to branch out.  I know they added another starting zone in the Korean OBT, but is it going to be linear too?  I would like to pick different zones and branch out to experience different environments when leveling.

The questing in this game was extremely underwhelming.  In fact, grinding was more fun than questing.  There were also a tad bit too many quest related boss fights.  This might sound awesome, but most of these boss fights weren’t creative and/or interesting.  They were mostly monsters with lots of HP who would drop totems (where do these bosses get all these totems?!) to impede the players.  The totems felt a bit random.

Questing definitely needs working on.  If combat was less auto-attack based, grinding would become much more enjoyable.

Art Style/Graphics

The art style of the game was probably my favorite thing about this game.  The characters and monsters were all cutesy – but not overwhelmingly cute.  Each zone that I entered had a unique feel to it and was beautiful.  I feel like a lot of effort was put into the designing of the game.


I really enjoyed the music of the game, too.  In fact, I’ve been listening to the music at work on occasion.  You can find some of the songs HERE (not my account).


Foxy (02)

I was really hyped for this game, but I’ve been disappointed in my experience with Tree of Savior.  The game definitely needs some working on, but it has potential to improve.  I will probably play this game as a side-game since it will be free to play.  The game looks great, really love the art – but the quests were very underwhelming and the game felt way too linear.  I do not find grinding, in general, to be fun – but it was better than questing.  The job system is great but combat is too restricted at this moment from SP issues.  I hope improvements are made, because I want to enjoy this game.

Black Desert Online closed beta application!

You can sign up for BDO’s closed beta here!

Dear Players,

We would like to invite you to register for our Closed Beta, which will take place on the following dates:
• Start: Wednesday, December 16th – 07:00 a.m. UTC
• End: Tuesday, December 22nd – 07:00 a.m. UTC

You can register for CBT 1 here!

Registration will remain open until 8 a.m. UTC of the 9th of December.

Shortly after closing the registration, we will make an announcement containing further details, regarding the exact date of when the download page will be opened. We will be sending out an email to the lucky participants that have been chosen.

Don’t forget, if you own a Conqueror’s Package, you will automatically be able to participate in the CBT1 and 2, and therefore do not need to re-register.
Best regards
Black Desert Online Team