T-ARA (티아라)

Welp – not sure what is going on with T-ARA…  been hearing different things.

I don’t really have a favorite girl group – I usually follow individuals instead of a group as a whole – but T-ARA may be the closest to being my favorite girl group from the past 10 years.  I just love a lot of their songs.  I really don’t care about all the controversies that have surrounded them.  I just enjoy their music.  Here are my top 3 favorite T-ARA songs:

Number Nine.


Roly Poly – this is my favorite performance as Jiyeon looks fabulous.


Day by Day.

There are many more songs that I really enjoy listening to.  Below are my thoughts on some of the members.

Jiyeon (지연)
My favorite T-ARA member… in fact she was once in my top 5 favorite female celebrity rank.  However, I haven’t really heard from her recently and so she’s dropped off my top 5 – but I’d still buy her dinner.  She also lost a lot of weight and her face is getting to be a little bit boney for my taste.  Still, her aegyo is top-notch, she’s still adorable, and has got a nice body.
Soyeon (소연)
Liked her when T-ARA first came out – but have had no opinions of her lately.  Her face has kind of changed recently and I don’t like it.
Boram (보람)
Boram can be cute at certain angles.  Other times I find her looking funny.  Not sure what to think of her, but I find her adorable in this half-hearted performance below.
Eunjung (은정)
I have mixed opinions on Eunjung.  Sometimes, I think she’s attractive… sometimes not so attractive (something about her jaw).  I do think she is someone who can pull off the short hair quite well.  I acknowledge that she works hard (from what I’ve seen), but her personality sometimes rubs me the wrong way.  The below video, though, she sounds great.


The future doesn’t look great – but I hope all the members can be happy (minus Hwayoung – fuck that girl).  The members have suffered so much unnecessary hate due to the whole Hwayoung controversy.  Seriously hope they find joy in their future.


Taeyeon (태연) – Fine

Taeyeon came out with her first full album!  I just bought the album and will be listening to the songs while at work today.  Man… I love Taeyeon.  My #1 favorite celebrity & singer (for those curious, my other favorite singers have been/are: IU, Clazziquai, Loveholic, and Avril Lavigne).

As for my favorite Taeyeon songs… without counting the songs from this album, I’ve really loved 11:11, The Blue Night of Jeju (does this one count?), U R, Rain, and I in that order.


Black Pink in your area~!

(Left to Right: Lisa, Jisoo, Jennie, Rose)

It’s been awhile… and I know I’m a little late with the Black Pink fever… but man… loving their two songs: Whistle (휘파람) and BoomBayah (붐바야).  From what I’ve read – Lisa is from Thai, Jennie is from New Zealand, and Rose is from Australia.  Jisoo is the lone 100% Korean.  Personally, I think I find Jisoo to be the prettiest.  I like Jennie and Lisa, too, due to their attitude and they kinda cute.  Both their rap parts are madd nice.  Really like all their voices and the four of them seem to really blend well.

I love the opening scene of BoomBayah with the scooter helmets because it reminds me of Taeyeon:



Make’m whistle like a missile~  Hope you guys enjoy Black Pink as much as I am!