Favorite Female Korean Celebs

Here are a list of my favorite Korean celebrities.  Not in any rank order.  Subject to change.  My reasons for liking the following celebrities are probably based on multiple reasons, for example – looks, tv personalities, skill/talent, etc…

Tier 1 – Favorites

Taeyeon (태연) [Singer – SNSD / Girl’s Generation]

Yoo Inna (유인나) [Actress]

IU (아이유) [Singer]


Tier 2 – I really like

Park Boyoung (박보영) [Actress]

Shin Sekyung (신세경) [Actress]

Gong Hyojin (공효진) [Actress]

Kim Seulgi (김슬기) [Actress]

Park Eunbin (박은빈) [Actress]

Yeom Jina (염지나) [Former Singer]


Tier 3 – I like

Taru (타루) [Singer]

Chae Jung Ahn (채정안) [Actress / Singer]

Lee Bo Young (이보영) [Actress]

Song Jihyo (송지효) [Actress]


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