Yoo Inna (유인나)

I had a dream last night.  I was on the 2nd floor of some cafe/coffee shop.  Yoo Inna was sitting at a table and me being a huge fan… I kind of stared at her.  She waved over to me… indicating that she would give me an autograph.  I opened up my organizer that I had carried around back in middle/high school and handed it over to her.  She let out a cute laugh and exclaimed, “Wow!  You have the same organizer as IU!”

She then flipped to a blank page and said, “Oh my goodness, even the pages you have are the same as IU!”

She signed the page and gave me this beautiful smile.  We had a short conversation – but UNFORTUNATELY I cannot remember what it was.  I remember it ending with her saying, “We’ll definitely meet again.  I’ll see you around later!”

I left the cafe/coffee shop with a huge smile on my face, because I knew I had left a positive impact.


Later in the dream… I entered a Korean BBQ restaurant.  I spotted Yoo Inna again, and she saw me too.  She waved her arms at me and told me to come.  As I was approaching the table, she patted on the empty seat next to her and told me to join the group.  I sat down next to her and gave a courtesy bow to everyone else at the table.  She then explained to an unknown person sitting across her that I was one of her favorite male dongseng.  The dream ended there.  I woke up very happy this morning… LOL.  Sorry for being a loser.


Yoo Inna is one of my top 3 favorite korean celebrities (Taeyeon & IU being the other two).  She is sexy cute, seems like a nice person, and her voice is cute too!


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