T-ARA (티아라)

Welp – not sure what is going on with T-ARA…  been hearing different things.

I don’t really have a favorite girl group – I usually follow individuals instead of a group as a whole – but T-ARA may be the closest to being my favorite girl group from the past 10 years.  I just love a lot of their songs.  I really don’t care about all the controversies that have surrounded them.  I just enjoy their music.  Here are my top 3 favorite T-ARA songs:

Number Nine.


Roly Poly – this is my favorite performance as Jiyeon looks fabulous.


Day by Day.

There are many more songs that I really enjoy listening to.  Below are my thoughts on some of the members.

Jiyeon (지연)
My favorite T-ARA member… in fact she was once in my top 5 favorite female celebrity rank.  However, I haven’t really heard from her recently and so she’s dropped off my top 5 – but I’d still buy her dinner.  She also lost a lot of weight and her face is getting to be a little bit boney for my taste.  Still, her aegyo is top-notch, she’s still adorable, and has got a nice body.
Soyeon (소연)
Liked her when T-ARA first came out – but have had no opinions of her lately.  Her face has kind of changed recently and I don’t like it.
Boram (보람)
Boram can be cute at certain angles.  Other times I find her looking funny.  Not sure what to think of her, but I find her adorable in this half-hearted performance below.
Eunjung (은정)
I have mixed opinions on Eunjung.  Sometimes, I think she’s attractive… sometimes not so attractive (something about her jaw).  I do think she is someone who can pull off the short hair quite well.  I acknowledge that she works hard (from what I’ve seen), but her personality sometimes rubs me the wrong way.  The below video, though, she sounds great.


The future doesn’t look great – but I hope all the members can be happy (minus Hwayoung – fuck that girl).  The members have suffered so much unnecessary hate due to the whole Hwayoung controversy.  Seriously hope they find joy in their future.


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