Black Pink in your area~!

(Left to Right: Lisa, Jisoo, Jennie, Rose)

It’s been awhile… and I know I’m a little late with the Black Pink fever… but man… loving their two songs: Whistle (휘파람) and BoomBayah (붐바야).  From what I’ve read – Lisa is from Thai, Jennie is from New Zealand, and Rose is from Australia.  Jisoo is the lone 100% Korean.  Personally, I think I find Jisoo to be the prettiest.  I like Jennie and Lisa, too, due to their attitude and they kinda cute.  Both their rap parts are madd nice.  Really like all their voices and the four of them seem to really blend well.

I love the opening scene of BoomBayah with the scooter helmets because it reminds me of Taeyeon:



Make’m whistle like a missile~  Hope you guys enjoy Black Pink as much as I am!



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