Gurren Lagann

I am not a fan of the sci-fi/mech/robotic genre.  However, Gurren Lagann proved to be an exception and I enjoyed it very much due to it’s pacing and the characters.


Kamina & Simon are two human beings who live underground in a village named Giha village.  Kamina dreams of digging his way out from underground to explore the world above.  Simon is his best friend and “bro” who happens to be a prodigy in digging.  One day, a robotic Gunmen and a sexy human girl crashes from the outside world above and into Giha village.  At the same time, Simon discovers a Core Drill (drill shaped key) and a sleeping Gunmen.  With his new found mech – Simon, Kamina, and the sexy human girl (Yoko Littner) defeat the robotic Gunmen.  Kamina and Simon are also able to escape their underground village to witness the outside world and the open sky.

The Gunmen are robots that beastmen have been using to keep humans underground.  Kamina slowly starts gathering other humans and leads team Dai-Gurren into a fight against the beastmen in order to free the entire human race from having to live underground.  A battle between the human race and the Beastmen… proves to be just the beginning of an even larger dynamic.

Character (Kamina)

My two favorite characters are Kamina and Yoko.  Kamina is a badass who is somewhat reckless, but so passionate and confident.  He becomes the leader of team Dai-Gurren and proves to be a worthy leader.  His badassery has everyone looking up to him.  Simon views Kamina as his older “bro” and admires him a lot.  I just love his recklessness, his passion, and lack of fear.  He truly believes and trusts in Simon, his “bro” from Giha village.  A great leader who is able to inspire those around him.

Character (Yoko Littner)

My favorite female anime character is Asuna from Sword Art Online (did not watch season 2).  However, Yoko is sexy… sexy… so sexy.  Yoko, will you have my pixelated babies, please?  Yoko Littner is the sniper for team Dai-Gurren.  She is not one to just sit back and let the men have all the action – proving herself to be very resourceful and clutch.  However… kiss her at your own risk.


Even though I am not a fan of the mech/robots/sci-fi genre, I felt that Gurren Lagann did not make it the focal point of the anime – therefore I was able to enjoy the anime.  There are a lot of humorous moments, fast casual pacing, and lots of action.  Loved the characters: Kamina & Yoko.  Definitely would recommend.


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