Tree of Savior CBT2 review

Tree of Savior was one of the games that I’ve been looking forward to playing.  I got to play in the 2nd closed beta.  Unfortunately, the game has been a huge disappoint for me.  Please note that this is a BETA and I also only got up to the 70s (max was 200-ish).  Here are my thoughts.


I got to try out all 4 starting jobs: the Swordsman, Wizard, Archer, and Cleric.  I really like the job advancement system.  In Tree of Savior, you had two separate experience bars.  One for character level (you get to allocate attribute points when you level) and one for class level (you get to allocate skill points when you level).  Every 15 class level, you get to choose to stay as your current “job” but upgrade to a higher tier, or you could choose to branch off into a different class from the list that was provided.  It was very interesting and reminded me of maplestory.

Out of the 4 starting jobs, I enjoyed the Wizard the most.  In fact, I made two wizards.  One advanced to become a pyromancer and the other advanced to become a cryomancer.

Check out the ToS class simulator HERE to see how the job advancement system works.


Combat was a bit underwhelming because it seemed as if the game focused on normal auto attacks and based on a recent survey I filled out for Tree of Savior, this seems intentional.  I wanted to spam my skills more but due to SP issues, it was too hard to do so.  I had to buy lots of SP pots, but even then, lack of SP would force me to normal attack or afk to rest.  Swordsman seemed to have an advantage in combat because their auto attack hit harder than the other classes (my own observation).  I had no issues with my skills when I got to use them… I just wish I could use them more than auto attacks…

I also played the game using my keyboard only.  You can play with the mouse or a game controller, but I just chose to play with the keyboard only.  I did not experience any real difficulty on any of the classes using the keyboard.


The game felt insanely linear.  I’m quite sure every single player in beta went down the same path – because we didn’t have any options to branch out.  I know they added another starting zone in the Korean OBT, but is it going to be linear too?  I would like to pick different zones and branch out to experience different environments when leveling.

The questing in this game was extremely underwhelming.  In fact, grinding was more fun than questing.  There were also a tad bit too many quest related boss fights.  This might sound awesome, but most of these boss fights weren’t creative and/or interesting.  They were mostly monsters with lots of HP who would drop totems (where do these bosses get all these totems?!) to impede the players.  The totems felt a bit random.

Questing definitely needs working on.  If combat was less auto-attack based, grinding would become much more enjoyable.

Art Style/Graphics

The art style of the game was probably my favorite thing about this game.  The characters and monsters were all cutesy – but not overwhelmingly cute.  Each zone that I entered had a unique feel to it and was beautiful.  I feel like a lot of effort was put into the designing of the game.


I really enjoyed the music of the game, too.  In fact, I’ve been listening to the music at work on occasion.  You can find some of the songs HERE (not my account).


Foxy (02)

I was really hyped for this game, but I’ve been disappointed in my experience with Tree of Savior.  The game definitely needs some working on, but it has potential to improve.  I will probably play this game as a side-game since it will be free to play.  The game looks great, really love the art – but the quests were very underwhelming and the game felt way too linear.  I do not find grinding, in general, to be fun – but it was better than questing.  The job system is great but combat is too restricted at this moment from SP issues.  I hope improvements are made, because I want to enjoy this game.


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