New York Mets into the World Series

I was born in Flushing (NY), but spent my elementary, middle, and parts of high school in Korea.  It was while in Korea that I discovered baseball and became a fan of the OB/Doosan Bears.  Then Chan Ho Park (박찬호) happened and I discovered MLB.  I was NOT a fan of the LA Dodgers, but I would watch as many games I could when Chan Ho Park pitched.  Then I remembered these images of passing by Shea Stadium when I was very young.  It was then that I knew which team I would root for.  It also helped that Mike Piazza, who I saw play with Chan Ho Park and therefore a familiar face/name, became a New York Mets player.

When I moved back to the United States in 2000, I immediately started to watch as many Mets games as I could.  This would continue on and 15 years later, I am still watching as many Mets games as I possibly can.

2~3 years ago, I proclaimed to my friends that the New York Mets would make the playoffs in 2015.  They all rolled their eyes, but I was very confident in my prediction.  It was not just a blind prediction – I believed that our pitching staff would become insanely strong.  I did not, however, expect them to reach the World Series (SO FUCKING HAPPY!).

As with many New York Mets fans, I have watched many years of sufferings.  I have watched preseason games.  I have watched September games where it had no meaning.  Now, after all these years of no playoff baseball… I am about to watch the New York Fucking Mets play in the fucking WORLD SERIES.  I am so pumped.  I cannot believe we made it this far.  I am so happy for David Wright, our captain, for he has suffered as long as all the New York Mets fan have.  I really hope we win it all.

While I am souped up for the World Series, I am also excited for our future when we will have: deGrom, Harvey, Thor, Matz, and Wheeler as our starting five.

Currently my favorite players are:

  • David Wright (Oh Captain, my Captain!  aka Captain America)
  • Juan Lagares (hopefully he learns to hit better though and )
  • Travis D’Arnaud (I don’t know why, but I love this guy)

Special shout-out to Wilmer Flores.  He isn’t in my top 3 favorite player list, but after that tearful non-trade happened – I’ve made a special spot for him in my heart.

With all that said…  LETS GO METS!

P.S. I am also a fan of the Brooklyn Nets and the New York Giants.  My favorite sports (especially to play) is soccer, but oddly, I do not have a favorite club team.



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