Taeyeon (태연)


Taeyeon (태연) has been my #1 favorite celebrity the past 5-ish years.  No one has come close – except maybe Lee Hyunji (이현지) 5 years ago – but no one has been close since then.

Finally, Taeyeon has come out with her own solo mini-album, and I love it.  Maybe I’m being biased – but I really like all the songs in the album.  The music video, too, is gorgeous and Taeyeon looks beautiful – love the waitress outfit!

I’ve loved Taeyeon for a long time, but it was never really physical.  I do think she’s gone from cute to pretty – there are many celebrities that I find cuter/prettier than her, but none of them make my heart melt or put a smile on my face like she does.  The reasons why I really like Taeyeon is due to her TV personality, her pale skin (i prefer pale skin), her dorkiness, and her ability as a singer.  While there are other IDOL singers who may sing better, higher, stronger, etc…  Something about her voice and the way she sings gives me goosebumps.  I know the reasons why I like Taeyeon are nothing special – but other than those listed, I really don’t know why she has been my number 1 celebrity the past 5ish years.

태연아~ 화이팅~!



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