Bambino – Oppa Oppa (밤비노 – 오빠오빠)

This is pretty cool.  360 YouTube view.  Best when viewing on your smartphone as you can move your camera around or use your fingers to rotate the view.

The group is called Bambino (밤비노) and the title of the song is Oppa Oppa (오빠오빠).  To be honest, I don’t know much about the group, except I think they do some “mature” type performances.

Group Members consists of: Minhee(민희), Eunsol (은솔), Dahee (다희), Hadam (하담) [leader]

Eunsol seems to be the most popular member of the group currently.  She is the teal shirt in the 360 degrees video link above.

More Eunsol.  Wish I could break down the members more, but as I’ve stated above – I do not know much about this group.


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