My Mister (나의 아저씨)

Just finished.  So good.  I cried a few times.  So good.  10/10.

Lee Sun Kyun has been my #1 favorite actor since Coffee Prince.  Still #1.  Always amazing chemistry with his co-actors.

IU is my top 2nd/3rd female celebrity (Taeyeon #1, Yoo Inna the other 2nd/3rd).  Normally don’t consider her acting to be that great… but here, in this show… fucking amazing.

Solid acting by everyone.  Amazing story.  The OST.  Lee Sun Kyun’s ASMR-like voice.  The vibe.  The feels.  The feels…  I can only say… go watch it.


Tunnel (터널)

What a freaking show.  I just finished binge watching the kdrama: Tunnel.  It is so good.

Tunnel is about a  cop involved in the Hwaseong serial murder case – based off the real “first” serial murder case in South Korea.  It is actually still unsolved to this day.  Choi Jin Hyuk (최진혁) plays the cop from 1986 and he is trying to solve this murder mystery.  While chasing the bad guy, he somehow ends up in 2016.  Soon he realizes, the murderer from 1986 has started to resume killing after 30 years of inactivity.  He believes that catching the culprit will allow him to go back in time to 1986.


Choi Jin Hyuk as Park Kwang Ho – I really liked Choi Jin Hyuk from the kdrama Gu Family Book (구가의 서).  In fact… I only enjoyed the first two episodes of that drama series because of the love story between Choi Jin Hyuk and Lee Yeon Hee.  Didn’t really enjoy the rest of the show…  Anyways…  Choi Jin Hyuk does an awesome job in Tunnel.  His chemistry with everyone on the cast was great.  So charismatic.  So badass.

Yoon Hyun Min as Kim Sun Jae – at first, the typical stoic and mysterious type of character… but as the show goes on – the show slowly peels away at his onion facade.  Really great chemistry with Choi Jin Hyuk.  Really great character development.  He plays the role of Choi Jin Hyuk’s partner.

Lee Yoo Young as Shin Jae Yi – she’s so cute!  and weird!  Never seen her before… but loved her acting.  She’s not pretty… but she’s so cute!  She plays the role of a criminal psychologist.


Overall, this show was awesome.  Reminded me of Signal (also based off the same serial murder case).  There ARE some loopholes and some things that make you go “why didn’t so and so do this instead?”  However, if you can get over those *ahem* minor *ahem* details…  this show really is very captivating.  Really recommend if you are looking for a mystery/thriller TV show with great characters, great chemistry, and all around great story.

Yoo Inna (유인나)

I had a dream last night.  I was on the 2nd floor of some cafe/coffee shop.  Yoo Inna was sitting at a table and me being a huge fan… I kind of stared at her.  She waved over to me… indicating that she would give me an autograph.  I opened up my organizer that I had carried around back in middle/high school and handed it over to her.  She let out a cute laugh and exclaimed, “Wow!  You have the same organizer as IU!”

She then flipped to a blank page and said, “Oh my goodness, even the pages you have are the same as IU!”

She signed the page and gave me this beautiful smile.  We had a short conversation – but UNFORTUNATELY I cannot remember what it was.  I remember it ending with her saying, “We’ll definitely meet again.  I’ll see you around later!”

I left the cafe/coffee shop with a huge smile on my face, because I knew I had left a positive impact.


Later in the dream… I entered a Korean BBQ restaurant.  I spotted Yoo Inna again, and she saw me too.  She waved her arms at me and told me to come.  As I was approaching the table, she patted on the empty seat next to her and told me to join the group.  I sat down next to her and gave a courtesy bow to everyone else at the table.  She then explained to an unknown person sitting across her that I was one of her favorite male dongseng.  The dream ended there.  I woke up very happy this morning… LOL.  Sorry for being a loser.


Yoo Inna is one of my top 3 favorite korean celebrities (Taeyeon & IU being the other two).  She is sexy cute, seems like a nice person, and her voice is cute too!

T-ARA (티아라)

Welp – not sure what is going on with T-ARA…  been hearing different things.

I don’t really have a favorite girl group – I usually follow individuals instead of a group as a whole – but T-ARA may be the closest to being my favorite girl group from the past 10 years.  I just love a lot of their songs.  I really don’t care about all the controversies that have surrounded them.  I just enjoy their music.  Here are my top 3 favorite T-ARA songs:

Number Nine.


Roly Poly – this is my favorite performance as Jiyeon looks fabulous.


Day by Day.

There are many more songs that I really enjoy listening to.  Below are my thoughts on some of the members.

Jiyeon (지연)
My favorite T-ARA member… in fact she was once in my top 5 favorite female celebrity rank.  However, I haven’t really heard from her recently and so she’s dropped off my top 5 – but I’d still buy her dinner.  She also lost a lot of weight and her face is getting to be a little bit boney for my taste.  Still, her aegyo is top-notch, she’s still adorable, and has got a nice body.
Soyeon (소연)
Liked her when T-ARA first came out – but have had no opinions of her lately.  Her face has kind of changed recently and I don’t like it.
Boram (보람)
Boram can be cute at certain angles.  Other times I find her looking funny.  Not sure what to think of her, but I find her adorable in this half-hearted performance below.
Eunjung (은정)
I have mixed opinions on Eunjung.  Sometimes, I think she’s attractive… sometimes not so attractive (something about her jaw).  I do think she is someone who can pull off the short hair quite well.  I acknowledge that she works hard (from what I’ve seen), but her personality sometimes rubs me the wrong way.  The below video, though, she sounds great.


The future doesn’t look great – but I hope all the members can be happy (minus Hwayoung – fuck that girl).  The members have suffered so much unnecessary hate due to the whole Hwayoung controversy.  Seriously hope they find joy in their future.

Taeyeon (태연) – Fine

Taeyeon came out with her first full album!  I just bought the album and will be listening to the songs while at work today.  Man… I love Taeyeon.  My #1 favorite celebrity & singer (for those curious, my other favorite singers have been/are: IU, Clazziquai, Loveholic, and Avril Lavigne).

As for my favorite Taeyeon songs… without counting the songs from this album, I’ve really loved 11:11, The Blue Night of Jeju (does this one count?), U R, Rain, and I in that order.


쓸쓸하고 찬란하神-도깨비 (Goblin)


I just finished watching the kdrama series: Goblin (why is the English title: Goblin?).  Some thoughts below (spoilers):

Yoo Inna (유인나) is so pretty.  She has been in my top 3 female celebrities rank for awhile.  #1 is Taeyeon (태연).  The other favorite is IU (not sure who ranks higher between IU & Yoo Inna).

Kim Go Eun (김고은) is fast becoming one of my favorite actresses.  She isn’t the prettiest actress, but I find her cute and charming.

I never really watched Lee Dong Wook (이동욱) act before… but he was the best character in Goblin.  I loved how he took things too literally from Sunny.  He was the funniest character and I was more interested in the Grim Reaper + Sunny relationship than the Ddokkebi + Ji Eun Tak couple.

Yoo Inna’s character – Sunny – was also hilarious and cool.  Especially at the beginning.  Towards the end, I don’t quite understand why she left the Grim Reaper – but I think she knew it wasn’t going to end well.

Was never a fan of Gong Yoo (공유).  Not sure why… I liked Lee Dong Wook more in this drama.  In Coffee Prince, I liked Lee Sun Kyun (my favorite actor by the way) and in Train to Busan, I liked Ma Dong Seok more.

Secretary Kim was an awesome guy.  I was worried that he would be a bad person at first (because of 38 Task Force) – but he turned out to be an awesome dude.  Yoo Duk Hwa was also a very cool character.  Very different from Chaebols from other kdramas.

Have I mentioned… Yoo Inna is so pretty… 너무 예뻐요 누나!

The bromance was awesome between the Ddokkei & the Grim Reaper.  Loved how a 300+ year old and a 900+ year old were so petty with each other.  They really cared for each other – despite the snag when the two found out who the Grim Reaper was from the past.

This show got me very emotional, especially towards the end.  So much sadness.

The Goblin having to live 900+ years sounds so lonely, but to have witnessed all the deaths of those close to him for all those years…  ouch.  Not only did he live for 900+ years, but the fact that he was seeking death before meeting Ji Eun Tak is a sad fate.  Having failed to get revenge for his sister 900+ years ago must have been very frustrating for the Goblin.  Unfortunately, life ends with many regrets for most of us.  When he lost Ji Eun Tak – that was a tragedy.  What if that was her final reincarnation?!  Then they would’ve never met again, probably.

Ji Eun Tak’s life is filled with sorrow – even if she was a cheerful person.  Her fate was a cruel one.  She lost her mom at an early age, saw ghosts (and ridiculed), was friendless growing up, grew up in a cruel household, and she shouldn’t even have been alive.  Death was constantly at her doorsteps.  Even after the sword was pulled – her fate did not change, just delayed.  I know she came back 30 years later, but it just isn’t the same to me.  I feel really bad for Ji Eun Tak.  The way the Grim Reaper cried when he witnessed her death… oh man…

The Grim Reaper’s story was also painful, sad, and lonely.  The fact that he had so much regret/sorrow when it wasn’t even his current self who killed Kim Shin and Kim Sun.  His love for Sunny; so sad – especially at the end when Sunny dies.  Sigh…  The way the Grim Reaper asks for forgiveness of the female reaper – I felt madd respect.

The way things ended up for the Goblin + Ji Eun Tak and the Grim Reaper + Sunny was heartbreaking to me.  I know things ended up “well” in the end, but still…  it just didn’t feel right to me.

This drama series really made me think on Ji Eun Tak’s quote, “Even if I were to die tomorrow, I must live today.”  Life life to the fullest.  You never know when your end will come.  I need to do a better job of living life to the fullest.  I’m not getting any younger.

The OST was awesome, by the way…

크러쉬 (Crush) – Beautiful


헤이즈 (Heize) – Round and round (Feat. 한수지)


찬열, 펀치 (CHANYEOL, PUNCH) – Stay With Me


김경희(에이프릴 세컨드) – And I’m here

Black Pink in your area~!

(Left to Right: Lisa, Jisoo, Jennie, Rose)

It’s been awhile… and I know I’m a little late with the Black Pink fever… but man… loving their two songs: Whistle (휘파람) and BoomBayah (붐바야).  From what I’ve read – Lisa is from Thai, Jennie is from New Zealand, and Rose is from Australia.  Jisoo is the lone 100% Korean.  Personally, I think I find Jisoo to be the prettiest.  I like Jennie and Lisa, too, due to their attitude and they kinda cute.  Both their rap parts are madd nice.  Really like all their voices and the four of them seem to really blend well.

I love the opening scene of BoomBayah with the scooter helmets because it reminds me of Taeyeon:



Make’m whistle like a missile~  Hope you guys enjoy Black Pink as much as I am!